November 2008

Hello my name is Tiffany and I am the owner and creator of EezeeDesign Marketing and Print. Along with my husband and business manager we’ve built the business you have today. Here is our story:

In November of 2008 I sold my beloved 2001 Rav 4 and gave the money to my husband to start his carpet cleaning business. Two new businesses were born the carpet cleaning business and EezeeDesign Marketing and Print. For the next two years EezeeDesign Marketing and Print did website design and marketing exclusively for one business.


Video Marketing - Just Dipping the Toe

In 2012 I started practicing video marketing for my carpet cleaning business. As you can see from the video I had a lot to learn about telling a story.

Even with the low-quality videos, they helped launch our business, but then the Google updated happened and our business was not prepared. I had done one of the biggest mistakes possible when it comes to owning a small business. I put all our eggs in one basket. The Google search basket to be exact. We were in the top three for four major cities that we services. When the Google updated happened we dropped from the first page to the seventh page on three of out of four. OUCH!

Shit Happens

When you’re sitting on top of the world life has a way of bringing you back down to reality. In late 2013 my husband’s father became very ill. We closed our business for two months while he flew home to be with his family. I stayed and ran the office side of his business, and going out to give estimates and follow up visits. I was also still working at night and running EezeeDesign. It was finally too much and with all that was happening, we decided to close EezeeDesign.

We didn’t close 100% but we weren’t taking on any new clients.

Moving Forward

We are now settled happily in our new home. There are a total of five of us working for EezeeDesign Marketing and Print.

Our Core - Affordable Website Design and Marketing has evolved over the past year. We still keep our overhead pretty low. But I still have bills to pay and raised my prices to fit our cost, but remaining affordable to the small business owner. Once we re-launched we also started taking on other industries, window cleaning, HVAC, plumbers, and dessert shops (mmmm). We truly are affordable website design and marketing for the small business owners.

Honesty is the best policy - sometimes I have to walk away from a job because it isn’t in the best interest of the owner. We want your business to excel! If it appears we could hurt your business by creating a new website on a different URL, we are going to let you know. But now I am getting into why you should choose us for your business. That is EezeeDesign in a nutshell.

Free Time! Do What You Love

I spent my days answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, sending out reminders, and marketing for my husband’s business. Then at night time, I would go work my full-time job for The Department of Homeland Security in a nice quiet office setting. I didn’t really have the time to launch EezeeDesign Marketing and Print for others.

In 2010, I really wanted to make some changes, our business was booming and we had purchased our first home. I decided to slowly start offering my marketing services to other carpet cleaners. Most of my first orders were coding writing and Craigslist ads.


Learn & Grow

With the help of people like Howard Partridge and Rob Allen from TruckmountForums we clawed our way back to the top. It took about a year to get back to page one on all major cities we marketed to. But we did it. It took a little bit of pavement pounding and doors being slammed in my face. A lot of no thanks you and we’re not interested. But eventually, we were booking up to two months out at one point.

We tried adding LivingSocial to our mix up and had to bring on additional staff to help the business. Meanwhile EezeeDesign Marketing and Print was really starting to take off. I was averaging 10 new orders per month. I loved helping other business owners. My husband’s business was taking off, my business, and I had received a promotion at work. We were on cloud nine.

The Moves

The one thing my husband and I have in common, family first. Family always first. In 2014 we started working on an exit for my job and our business to move back to help take care of his parents and their properties. In 2015 we sold our home and moved in with my parents. We tentatively started working with EezeeDesign again. Unlike before, there were a lot more people doing marketing for carpet cleaners. It would once again be an uphill battle. But knowing that our web design and marketing business would be our only source of income once we moved. It was a battle we were prepared to fight together.

In 2016 we officially re-launched and had five carpet cleaners knocking on our virtual¬†door right off the bat. It was a great sign. During this time prices were low while we tested the waters. EezeeDesign was created to market for my husband’s business, but it became something larger. Affordable website design and marketing for other carpet cleaning companies.

By mid 2016 we were ready to move again to be closer to my husband’s parents. We packed all our belongings again and made the big move.

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