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Setting Up Your Campaign

I personally like to name my campaign names of what I want that particular campaign to focus on and do.

For Example - Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning


Location Location Location…

Location is everything, you don’t want your ad posting in Del Oro, Idaho when you’re in California. Narrow down your location. In settings make sure you set your Target locations. When you begin the campaign setup process the default setting is all of the United States.

I personally like to narrow down my time as well. My focus group is generally not going to be up at midnight.


Campaign Type:

Here is one of the biggest waste of your money on Google Adwords. I keep my settings on Search Network only. When you first create your campaign it will have Search Network with Display already selected. Display means if you have an Adscene account and there is a porn site of SHM that like to get freaky, your ads can now be displayed there. That is the display network in a nutshell. For all you new Adwords users stick with Search Network Only.

Fast forward a bit…

My sub categories of a single campaign are my focus groups

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Rental Properties Carpet Cleaning



This article was previously written in 2013, and has been updated with the new Google Adwords Guidelines in Mind…

For the purpose of this post I am going to create an imaginary city. My cities name will be Del Oro, California.

Before you hit the ground running take an hour or so to use the Free Keyword Analyzer that Google Adwords provides. Use this tool to give yourself an idea of other possible keywords that can be used in replacement of the more expensive keywords.

keyword planner



I keep my settings at All. If you don’t have a responsive website (website that can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices easily), I strongly consider you look into getting one. A lot of searches are done on cellphones and you can be hurting your business by not having a responsive website.

Each sub category has its own keywords and ads. You don’t want to lump them all together.

Lets pretend we are doing “Residential Carpet Cleaning.”

Your ad will need an attention grabbing headline. Followed by your Ad.

“How Clean is Your Carpet?” Will be my headline.

Ads can be tricky to write, but write what you know. If you offer 100% satisfaction guarantee write that in your ad. If you give a 23 step cleaning process, write that in your ad. If 99% of your clients are returning clients, write that in your ad.

**Tangent** What does these ads have in common? Numbers. We as a society are growing numb to the whole Adwords scene. Adding numbers is eye catching.

Since we are doing carpet cleaning for SHM lets think of a few keywords for this group.

-Off the bat everyone thinks “carpet cleaning.” But that keyword can get expensive.

All SHM have one thing in common, their kids.


Food Stains

Juice Stains

Breast Milk Stains

Milk Stains

How to remove juice stains

How to remove food stains

Del Oro Carpet Cleaning

Here is how to write your keywords:

[food stains]

“food stains”

[juice stains]

“juice stains”


You’re telling Google the searcher has to type Food Stains in the search engine (you already have the town/city settings) to display your ad. Exact match and phrase matching. If you were to write your keywords:

Food stains

juice stains

breast milk stains

milk stains

You’re telling Google to think for you. If they have food stains anywhere in their search term display my ad. You don’t want this. This is call broad phrase matching.


But I don’t want cheap people, I am going to tell Google to exclude the following words (Use the tab button to switch over to “negative keywords”):

  • cheap
  • discount

Now if they type Cheap Food Stain removal my ad will not display.

Remember the header we have for our carpet cleaning ad?


Pay Per Click:

Determining what you want to pay is completely up to you. I suggest not spending a lot of money right out the gate until you’re comfortable with Adwords.

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